• “Importance” of central air-conditioning accessories

    Everyone is no stranger to central air conditioning, and the existence of central air conditioning accessories feels “optional”, let us look at their combined energy! We all know how central air conditioners work by compressing refrigerants into liquids through compressors and then co...
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  • About copper (metal element)

    Copper is a transitional element, chemical symbol Cu, English copper, atomic number 29. Pure copper is a soft metal. When the surface is cut, it is red-orange with a metallic luster. High ductility, thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity make it the most commonly used material in cables...
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  • Air conditioning accessories complete

    First of all, it consists of 6 systems: duct system, refrigeration system, humidifying system, electric heating system, power distribution system and control protection system. Air duct system: the air duct system of the special air conditioner in the machine room is usually composed of motor, fa...
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  • Working principle of refrigeration parts

    The working principle of refrigeration is that the compressor compresses the steam with lower pressure into the steam with higher pressure, so as to reduce the volume of steam and increase the pressure. Compressor suction from the evaporator working medium low pressure steam, after pressure into ...
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