What is the difference between a water distributor and an air distributor?

There are mainly two types of water flow progressive distributors: plate type and block type. Plate type distributors are mostly used in lubrication systems, that is, each progressive distributor consists of a starting plate, an end plate and at least three The number of intermediate slices can theoretically be N slices, but no matter what the number is, it can be combined with the starting slice and the ending slice to form a complete whole. Each middle piece has a working piston and two oil outlets, and the oil outlets are arranged at the left and right ends of the middle piece. The picture shows the working principle of the progressive distributor. In Figure a, the lubricant enters from the upper oil inlet, passes through the annular groove and reaches the left end of piston II and piston III and pushes them to move to the right, so that the lubricant in the piston cavity is discharged from oil outlet 1 and 2 in turn . And when the piston III reaches the right end limit position, the lubricant entering the distributor reaches the right end of the piston I through the left annular groove, and pushes the piston I to move to the left, so that the lubricant in the piston cavity is discharged from the oil outlet 3; However, the process shown in Figure b is just opposite in the direction of the piston movement, and accordingly, the lubricant is discharged from the oil outlet ports 4, 5, and 6 in turn. As long as the lubricant entering the progressive distributor maintains a certain pressure, the distributor will work continuously. In addition, if the number of intermediate pieces is more than 3 pieces, it can be deduced by analogy. As long as the piston in any intermediate piece is stuck and cannot move, all the pistons in the other intermediate pieces will be blocked, and the whole distributor will stop working. This ingenious concept makes it extremely convenient to monitor whether the output oil is normal. The middle piece is equipped with a proximity switch that senses the action of the piston, which can give an alarm in time when the piston is blocked.

Post time: Feb-17-2022
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