“Importance” of central air-conditioning accessories

Everyone is no stranger to central air conditioning, and the existence of central air conditioning accessories feels “optional”, let us look at their combined energy!

We all know how central air conditioners work by compressing refrigerants into liquids through compressors and then cooling them in evaporators and chilled water. The chilled water is then transferred to the tuyere cooling coil by the cooling pump and then to the fan for cooling. Then will have been converted into gas evaporation of refrigerant in the condenser, and water tower opportunity for wind cooling, and the atmosphere in the air after exchange, this is the working principle of the large central air conditioning system. And it can be seen in these operations that the central air-conditioning accessories are everywhere, without these accessories it cannot run.

Now do you feel the importance of central air-conditioning accessories?

Post time: Jun-26-2018
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