Air conditioning accessories complete

First of all, it consists of 6 systems: duct system, refrigeration system, humidifying system, electric heating system, power distribution system and control protection system.

Air duct system: the air duct system of the special air conditioner in the machine room is usually composed of motor, fan and air filter net.

Humidifying device: in the IDC machine room, there is a certain range of temperature requirements, but also a strict range of relative humidity requirements. To achieve relative humidity index, installed in the equipment room dedicated air conditioning humidification device, which are controlled by computer board room air conditioners: when the room relative humidity is lower than the set limit relative humidity, automatic startup humidifying cycle; When the relative humidity of the machine room is higher than the upper limit of the set relative humidity, the relative humidity of the machine room will be kept within the normal range. Humidifier can be divided into infrared humidifier and electrode boiler according to humidifier.

Refrigeration system: the basic refrigeration system of special air conditioning consists of four parts: compressor, evaporator, condenser and expansion valve.

Post time: Jun-26-2018
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